Weight Loss: Beyond Diet

I have had so many conversations around this lately that I am going to put a bit of my personal journey out there to show I do believe and practice what I preach. After only a week and a half of more consistently following my own long-standing advice called “just eat a reasonable amount of food and cut out processed and chemically-laden junk in your life”, I am down 3 pounds. Just using optimal timing for my eating schedule as well as decreasing my exposures to certain environmental nastiness. Feeling great! No extremes, no starving, didn’t change workout at all. It feels like I am not even trying, just being a little more conscious. Many of you may know that I have been a competitive figure athlete for more than 15 years now. However, my only supplements right now are a multivitamin and a fish oil. Keeping it simple for the time being. You may be saying, I want to try this! How long do I do it? 10 days, 21 days, a month or two? You do it for the long haul. Weight loss happens folks, but just need to remember to be honest with yourself and above all, be patient. Without extremes, healthy and permanent weight loss can take months to achieve (years depending on how much you are trying to lose). It is a journey and you must make it your lifestyle. So many things that we are exposed to impact the way our bodies react including water retention, inflammation, emotional health, energy levels, pain and “weight” gain. It is far beyond just calories in and out and. What we feel, breathe, apply, eat, and drink all can affect us profoundly, synergistically, and/or cumulatively. Below are a few basic principles to follow which can make a significant and positive difference in any of the conditions mentioned above and more:

1. Avoid microwaving food in plastic containers. Also, choose BPA Free plastic food storage containers and water bottles.

2. Avoid perfumes, additives, preservatives, and dyes which can be found in foods, drinks, cosmetics, soaps, lotions, hair products, dish or laundry detergents, cat litter, and other items (one way to do this is by choosing the “free and clear” labeled products)

3. When possible, choose foods that are organic, hormone free, uncured, and antibiotic free

4. If you are going to eat canned goods, choose BPA free cans

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