Macro Based Diets During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is a very unique time for a woman and each experience can be very different from a health perspective, let alone what the respective dietary needs may be for each. Many woman want to ensure that they maintain healthy weight gain goals during pregnancy. Counting or tracking dietary macronutrients is a common dietary strategy. On one hand, the current tools and references used in popular diet trends which determine individual macronutrient needs for weight management are not based on expectant or breastfeeding populations. Therefore, the approach may not be appropriate for expectant mothers without some modifications. However, you can count macronutrients provided that you are maintaining an adequate caloric intake to support healthy weight and blood glucose levels for the duration of your pregnancy and that these goals are aligned with your health provider’s recommendations. Weight gain, glucose levels, and several other clinical markers will be monitored frequently throughout pregnancy. Some of these outcomes may be cause for modifications to the recommended diet for a patient at various points throughout their pregnancy. For example, some women may be prescribed a lower protein diet if they present with certain risk factors for a health condition. Additionally, your recommended weight gain is going to vary based on how much weight you are carrying when you become pregnant.

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